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  About Us

St. Joseph’s Mental Health Care Home is an institution to rehabilitate the mentally ill persons. This is the pioneer of this sort in Kerala. It is Instituted in 16th August, 1993 by Mar Joseph Kundukulam the former Archbishop who is generally known as the “Father of the poor”. The Co Founder of this institution is Msgr. Joseph Vilangadan a pioneer in social work and charity based activities in Kerala. The fast growth of the nuclear family system, the openness to the global system of the life, the approach to the new way of life i.e., the pragmatism and utilitarianism, the change in the morality and other values of life, etc… made more people to face the mentally illness. The world Health Organization had announced that approximately the two fifth of the Total population are facing this illness. So there are persons who live in the houses, alienated, separated, unwanted and without any support. There are a many people who have no abode and caretaker. The social stigma prevailing among the so-called literate and well educated Keralites does not allow the people to make marriage relations and any other sort. Not only the ill persons but the whole family itself has to face these situations very cruelly. It is due to this identification, the founders erected this institution on the ground that the ill persons were burden to the family. So the founding of this institution is important for “a decent living” of the mentally ill persons.

St. Joseph Mental Health Care Home is a rehabilitation centre which shines the field of Archdiocesan greater social approaches. This institution is situated in Pullazhy, a small and beautiful village, six kilometres away from Thrissur. This place is attractive and whole hearted to all mentally weak and those who seek peace and silience. The compound is full of trees and other vegetation. All these were the positive factors to be noted while selecting this place for the abode of the neediest. St. Joseph’s Mental Health Care Home with the help of the Ministry of Social Justice and Ministry of Empowerment of person's with disablities arranges the rehabilitation activities in this institution. The organization is registered under the Travancore-Cochin Literacy, Scientific and charitable Societies Registration Act X11 of 1955 [Reg. No. 258/94] and under the provisions of the Persons with Disabilities Act 1995 [Reg. No. 0192].

At present we have more than 100 patients with major mental illness like schizophrenia, Bipolar etc. We cannot admit more than the number permitted. There are atleast five patients per day in search of an abode but we are helpless to give service to them also. There are thousands of mentally ill persons who need immediate benefits from this organization.


Twenty four hours residential medical care, Safe and secure area with calm and soothing atmosphere, Well established library ,Well furnished abode and separate facilities for men and women, Short term stay for mild mentally ill and long term for chronic, Recreational facilities like arts, sports and other cultural competitions.

Tel: 0487 361396

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